"This is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I have struggled with addiction for the better part of my adult life and what the ThetaPod has done for me has been incredible. Its like the fog that has clouded my mind for so long has been cleared away. I'm able to manage my thoughts and emotions which is essential when dealing with addiction. My experience has truly been a God-Send and the team at Align has been a true blessing to my life."

Eric, 30

"I experienced immediate results from my very first session at Align Theta Center. I was coming into my session tense because after 10 years of being migraine-free they had come back. Last year I woke with such pain that I could barely walk or talk, but was able to get to the M.D. A year later I will say that pain motivated me like nothing else in my life. After my first ThetaPod session, I felt instant changes, no nausea, and my brain felt “calm.” I followed the protocol to the letter and I have not had a migraine since! Thank you so much!”

Kristy, 50

"I was struggling from a lifetime of childhood trauma. I lost my brother to suicide in September and lost my own will to live as well. After attempting to take my own life, I came to Align just days after my release from the hospital. Within the first couple of days of ThetaPod sessions, I was sleeping through the night for the first time that I can remember. I was amazed! I didn’t think anything was going to really help me. I completed my twice a day protocol for 28 days and found a new lease on life."

Lindsey, 25

"The Align Theta Center ThetaPod helped with my insomnia! Waking up feeling rested is such a good feeling. My days are better, too. I’m glad I chose the Theta Pod instead of medication."

Jo, 55

"Alright I am officially on the theta train!! I have had issues with insomnia my entire life. Last night I slept 6 hours with zero wake ups which is a record for me right now... not only that but I drank 3 huge glasses of water before bed because I had heartburn and even then did not wake up. I felt like I closed my eyes and then opened them and it had been 6 hours... barely any dreams I can remember just deep sleep."

Shelly, 30

"Just one treatment round with Theta Center for my insomnia and I rarely need a sleep aid now. My chances of having a good night’s rest have greatly increased since doing this! I’ve had insomnia issues for 20 years and didn’t think it would change my pattern so much."

Sabrina, 42

"The Theta Pod is amazing and the team at Align are some of the kindest people I've ever met. Being in the ThetaPod is an indescribable experience that has helped bring a new level of balance and clarity to my thinking. I went to Align to find help and that's exactly what I found."

Reid, 25

"Honestly whenever my mom first had told me about the ThetaPod I thought is was really stupid and didn't make sense on how it could be a long term cure to mental illness. I agreed to give it a try, and after the first trial I wanted to come back. The ThetaPod allows me to feel free again and almost gave me a sense of relief that I was actually able to feel calm and have no anxiety. After two weeks on my protocol, I already feel drastic changes with my thought process and I'm basically to the point where life if enjoyable again. I'm very thankful for this program and how it's helped me so much more in just the two weeks I've been going than an RTC facility could ever help."

Layne, 16

"I am a true believer in the ThetaPod! The 21 day protocol has helped me feel more balance, focused and relaxed. I am sleeping much better and substantially less fatigued in the afternoons. The staff has been very helpful & a pleasure to work with. I can't say enough good things about this experience."

Stacy, 45

"As a grandmother of a precious young man who has been suffering from depression, severe anxiety, and very low self-esteem, I speak with nothing but praise and gratitude about Align Theta Center. We had tried everything we knew about from medications, to facilities, to extensive therapies and peer group counseling. All gave us a little, but nothing brought us to the light. After one week of our 21 day protocol at Align, I heard my grandson speak about being happy. We are now about 14 days in and everyone is seeing his personality come out and his anger fade. He was such a skeptic but has told me countless times how thankful he is we found this treatment for him. We are looking forward to our future with him and to see what is in store for him. Thank you to the wonderful ladies at Align also. They are so personable and were able to build a relationship with him very quickly. Please don’t hesitate to try this therapy. Our kids are worth it! Thank you Align."

From: a very happy grandmother!